SmartControl 2 is ready

SmartControl 2 is ready

SmartControl 2. The new interface for secondary controls.

You are probably already familiar with SmartControl. The interface for controlling secondary controls that has been sold by us since around 2004 as a product on it's own and in combination with SmartSteer.
This interface is now succeeded by SmartControl 2.

What can you expect from SmartControl 2?
- A very reliable product
- LIN-bus, CAN-bus and relay technology combined
- USB interface
- New functions such as lane change, one-time wipe, cruise control
- A user-friendly PC-interface
- Simple and quick installation with clear instructions
- Plastic housing

Because not all vehicles can be converted to SmartControl 2 at the same time, the introduction is gradual. SmartControl 2 is currently available for most BMW models and a number of Toyota's. Other car models will follow soon. As long as SmartControl 2 is not yet available for a model, we will continue to provide SmartControl.

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